Kerkira (or as commonly known Corfu) is first mentioned from Homer in Oddysia; the island of the Faiakas! We also learn about how Odisseas (Ulysses) left his shiwreck on the shores of Kerkira, how Nafsika (the daughter of kind Alkinoos) found him and how the hospitality of the residents of Kerkira helped him travel back to his Kingdom, in Ithaca.

In Kerkira, besides swimming in its amazing beaches, we will explore its mainland as well; archaeological museum, production of olive oil, vineyards and famous Ionian cuisine. The old and new castles of the islands are also suggested as they both offer a unique chance to admire this monuments of architecture. Nowdays, in the new castle we may be lucky enough to meet a photography exhibition, painting or even attend a concert with tradiotional Ionian music or Varkaroles! Lastly, the museum of olive oil production, should be kept in mind for those who really appreciate the nutritional value of this product. In the museum we can find detailed description and explanation of the production and get familiar with the necessary production and agricultural tools.