According Ancient Greek Myhology, Paxoi (both these islets) were created when Poseidon threw his trident with power to Corfu in order o break a part of it and create a separate island to become his private shelter to go with Niriis Amfitriti. These two islets exist until today offering shelter to passionate sailors who hide there for amazing beaches and shelter from west winds! This little paradise is covered in green, like most of the islands of Ionion. The two main ports of the big island, Paxoi, are Laka and Gaios; the central one Gaios is split with a small channel from its main protection : another islet called Ayios Nikolaos, the protector of sailors. On this islet an old castle from the Byzantine empire exists until now giving us a feeling of the old times. Here in Gaios we can visit the british authorities building on the main docks, the Resurrection Church and the Museum of Paxoi.