Preveza was built from Greek and Italian fishermen on the remainings of ancient Nikopolis around the 11th century. It is the main port at the entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf, attracting many sailors and people from he mainland to enjoy its peaceful harbour, a walk in the beautiful little streets, its castles and maybe the best shrimps in Greece. As a proper city with long history and rich culture, in Preveza you will find Arts and Science museum, naval museum and natural history museum.

Besides these mueseums though, with our visit here in Preveza we want to go deeper to the history of the city visiting its ancestor, the ancient Nikopolis. Nikopolis (city of the victory, πόλη+νίκη) was built from the Roman emperor Augustus to honor Poseidon (God of the Sea) and Ares (God of War) for his victory in the big battleship of Aktio. In Nikopolis, we will see from first hand the Ancient Theater of Nikopolis which is similar (but smaller) to the one from Epidavrus, the Great Gate, the Roman Stadium and the Roman Walls; you can also upgrade your trip in order to have our arcaeologist Yiota to accompany us and design your archaeological week!