Freediving and sailing adventures
Filiatro in Ithaca
One of the most attracting beaches in the Ionian..
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start of the Ionian Rally
Underwater sightseeing!
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Kastos, small island - unique experience
South Ionian, where all the diamonds are!

Freediving adventure


A trip with freediving coaching and training with the FreediveGreece team in 2019!

Freediving exploration

23-30.6 & 22-29.9.2019

A trip with the founder of NoTanx, Marcus Greatwood for top-end coaching and underwater exploration in September!

Yoga and sailing retreat


A yoga retreat onboard our yacht Lito with instructor Eva for third consecutive year!

 What is EYsailing? 

At EYsailing we organize authentic, interactive, experiential and cultural sailing trips in the Ionian Sea. These sailing trips include swimming in beautiful beaches in Greece and sailing from island to island which you can only visit with a sailing yacht! Our trips are also rich in cultural and exploration content with tasting local Greek gastronomy, visiting archaeological and natural sites, hiking to enjoy amazing view and attending local festivals! An exploration of the Ionian Sea underwater is an additional part of the trip to really get to know the environment and local culture.










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